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BREYLEE Acne Treatment Serum Facial Essence Anti Acne Scar Removal Cream Face Skin Care Whitening Repair Pimple Remover For AcnThe formula is mild, rich in camellia Sinensis leaf extract and multiple plant extract, it is refreshing and not greasy, and can be quickly absorbed. Continue using for 7-14 days, it will effectively treat and remove acne and pimples, helps to undo skin damage, shrink the pores, improve the rough phenomenon caused by the acne and soothe the skin.breylee acne treatment serum price,breylee acne treatment serum benefits,

What Is Breylee Acne Treatment Serum?


Acne Treatment Serum, BREYLEE Tea Tree Clear Skin Serum for Clearing Severe Acne, Breakout, Remover Pimple and Repair Skin (17ml,0.6oz) It seems to have potent anti-inflammatory activity, it’s a mild antioxidant and also has strong anti-bacterial effect for acne-causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acne. The extract comes from the bark of the White Willow, a big (25 m/80 ft.) tree that likes to live on riverbanks

Breylee Acne Treatment Serum How To Use


After face cleansing, apply 3 to 5 drops to your palm and apply serum onto your face (or acne/pimple area). Massage gently until absorption. Recommended use is twice a day (morning and evening). Use in a cycle for best results—3 to 4 weeks or about 28 days.


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