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Green World Clear Lung Tea Price In Pakistan


Green World Clear Lung Tea In Pakistan has many benefits for your health including expelling toxins from your airways in order to protect you against these severe conditions. The tea also improves immunity by cleaning out any foreign invaders along with sputum particles.


Clear Lung Tea Benefits:


  1. Cleanses Lung; Kills Bacteria And Virus Inside The Respiratory System;
  2. Increases The Amount Of Immunoglobulin; Enhances Immunity Of The Body;
  3. Activates Lymphokine Which Kills Virus In The Respiratory System Directly;
  4. Resolves And Expectorates Phlegm Rapidly;
  5. Provides Oxygen For Repairing Damaged Mucosa; Enhances The Activity Of Lung Epithelial Tissues;
  6. Relieves Cough And Asthma;
  7. Strengthens The Pulmonary Ventilation.

5 reviews for Clear Lung Tea

  1. Olivia

    I wanted to let you know that I am quite pleased with you fast delivery & your product , which works well.

  2. zubairMaher

    I have Used many Product Butt it was amazing and very resutls thankx


    i have Used butt Clear Lung Tea
    is one of the best thankx for fast delivery

  4. Ayat Fatima

    i order this product to and am happy for this satisfied Results

  5. Khadija Shahid

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