Crystal Reusable Condom


Imported From: USA | Product size: 12 Inches –  Available In All Cities Of Pakistan

Providing 100% unique Silicone condom Prices in Pakistan at marketplace competing fees in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and all throughout Pakistan



Crystal Reusable Condom In Pakistan

Crystal Reusable Condom In Price Pakistan


Precious stone launderable condom contains spots or pins on their external surface. Specks on the external surface of the vibrating gem condom will stroke her delicate vaginal region while you move your organ in and out which gives a remarkable joy to your accomplice that she has not experienced previously. The Kamamoods gem condom accompanies a protruding head and delicate silicone edges on the whole shaft. It gives a profoundly sexy encounter that she will cherish without a doubt.


Specifications Of Crystal Condoms :


Product name: Delay Reusable Condom
Product material: Safe Soft TPE material
Use times: many times


How to Use :


Just roll the condom like a regular condom and unroll it after placing it on the penis. Lubricants can also be used for the ease of wearing this type of condom. The studded pins on the outer surface will stimulate the female vagina which results in a strong stimulus with pleasure rolling.


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