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Female Hormone Pills In Pakistan


Female Hormone Pills Price In Pakistan


L.D.B. – LDB products for Shemale Ladyboys Transexual Women Transgender Better than estrogen, because its pure herbal extraction with 0 %Fat. Not herbal powder L.D.B is the top popular female hormone product in Thailand which is well known by most of the shemale celebrities in the country, very good for sex change like real women. Also, as the pill is an herbal extract so it’s worry-free about fat. Benefits 1. Skin like a real woman: smooth, soft, bright, and beautiful face 2. Breast Enhancement: Bigger, very soft, and healthy breasts with NO FAT 3. Hair and Nail brightening: Bright with good health 4. Hormone stabilization Product package 1 x bottle contains 30 capsules (15 Days). Recommended buying 2 for 1 month. Expiration 2018 How to use it 2 capsules before bedtime (ZZzzz..) Ingredients Molineria latifolia Herb ex Kurz 20 g Caesalpinia sappan L. 20 g Carthamus tinctorius L. 20 g Angelica Sinensis [Oliv.] Diels 10 g Bixa Orellana Linn 10 g Maclura cochinchinensis corner 10 g Pueraria Candollei Graham ex Benth 5 g Arcangelisia Flava [L.] Merr. 5 g Certificate The product is being certified by Food and Drug Administration the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand (Registered number: G 96/68)


What are female hormones good for?


In women, estrogen helps initiate sexual development. Along with another female sex hormone known as progesterone, it also regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle and affects her entire reproductive system. In premenopausal women, estrogen and progesterone levels vary from one stage of the menstrual cycle to another.


What are the benefits of taking estrogen?


Estrogen therapy can help decrease your risk of certain health conditions, including osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and mood changes


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Female Hormone Pills In Pakistan

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