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Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Prices in Pakistan


Warm tips:


Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to start the machine. After the machine is turned on, press the power button to switch the function mode.
When first using the skin scrubber, you need to charge it for about 2-5 hours and notice that the machine can’t work when charging.
The equipment is not waterproof, do not use this equipment when cleaning.
It is very necessary to keep your face wet with cream or warm water before using the skin scrubber spatula.
Please use it according to the user manual.


Do skin scrubbers really work?


Skin spatula devices show a milky, oily liquid coming out of pores. It’s the same as if you squeezed pores with your fingers, she says. In other words, ineffective. “It will not minimize pore size, and the pore will fill back up immediately with sebum because that is what pores do


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